Saturday, February 25, 2012

Happy Hour Part II

We find ourselves again at happy hour on the patio. After a long week at the office it's great to relax! In the photo, you'll notice Julie sipping vintage 2012 palm wine (from local palm trees) out of our finest glassware - a mayonnaise jar (right hand). The classy establishment where we purchased the wine (3 guys sitting under a tree) allowed us to bring it home in an empty fertilizer container (left hand). Julie is sitting on our new $3 wood chair.


Saturday, February 18, 2012

Happy Hour!

One of our new favorite routines is a weekly Happy Hour on the patio.

Our recipe:
A bottle of the finest wine $3 can buy. (Yes - a glass bottle!)
1 summer sausage courtesy of care packages
1 loaf of bread, toasted
2 rounds of FLAVORED Laughing Cow cheese (from America)
1 sachet (read plastic bag) of green olives

Unfortunately, half the items on our list can't be replaced once they're gone.

An added benefit of a two-person happy hour? No boring conversations about kids' soccer games or kitchen remodeling.

Bottoms up!