Thursday, June 14, 2012

Miriam is Back!!

Three weeks ago, out of the blue, Miriam appeared on our porch! Last July, her family moved to a village 30 km away to work on a cashew farm and we’d always promised ourselves that we’d go find her. Before we could, she found us!

Awa (mom), Miriam, and her little brother have returned to Karfiguela indefinitely, according to Awa, because her husband is now a “fou” (crazy). We aren’t quite sure what that means – “fou” is thrown around quite liberally in Burkina. Miriam has jumped right back into old routines of going to the water pump and demanding presents and money. We’re so excited to have little Miriam back!!

We apologize for the blog drought – it’s been a hectic month or two. But we’ll increase our post frequency and explain what we’ve been up to. Coming soon.

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