Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sachet Shirt

I know we already posted once today, but here's my pick of the day (haha, get it? Pic and pick! Ok, things become a lot funnier when it's 90 degrees and you're getting ready for bed at 8pm because you realize there's nothing left to do today). Awa (on the right) made a shirt out of a plastic sachet (bag). She's so proud of it and has started a fad with the other neighbor kids. They've even branched out to head wraps! You'd think these kids would need toys, but no, they have way too much fun playing with what's at hand (garbage - specifically the treasures they find in our burn pile, gourds for soccer balls, discarded vaccine bottles, anything they can find!). I wish american kids were this cool.

There's a total lunar eclipse tonight, but we may miss it because sanji bi na na! (The rains are coming!)

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