Thursday, June 16, 2011

Zaba & Eclipse

This strange looking fruit has many names, but no name in English. In Moore its called Weda, in Dioula its called Zaba, in Karaboro its Npli, and in French its Liane.
This is one of the best, most exotic fruits we've ever eaten - essentially nature's version of the beloved sour candy, Warheads. It's so sour that it burns your mouth if you eat too much at once. Also delicious in juice form.

In other news, we saw the total lunar eclipse last night. As we went to sleep under the slowly growing moon, we heard loud pounding and drumming nearby. Another wedding? Funeral? Initiation ceremony? No, Sky Kitty has captured the moon! Villagers believe that a lunar eclipse happens when a cat has grabbed the moon. They drum and bang metal objects to scare the cat away from the moon because failure to do so will cause the sky and the moon to fall to Earth. When we woke this morning, everything was in place, so we guess they succeeded in scaring the Sky Kitty away.

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